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Mike Doyle

Phone: 616-648-8677
FAX: 616-957-2380
[email protected]

Mike is a 30-year veteran of the car wash industry having started
with Doyle Vacuum Cleaner Company in the 1970's. He
developed the Power Dry product while at Doyle in the early
1980's which was the industry's first hand-held dryer for both
vacuum islands and car wash bays. He founded Industrial
Vacuum Systems with Joe in 1991 and during their ownership the
company pioneered several industry innovations including the first
multi-powered vacuums, modular vacuum island bases and
canopies, and the first rear loading “window” vending machine.

Mike Doyle
Joe Doyle

Joe Doyle

Phone: 616-366-6355
FAX: 616-361-8530
[email protected]

Although much younger than Mike, Joe's tenure in our industry is
actually longer. He has worked diligently over the years to ensure
that all products are designed and built to meet and exceed the
demands of our customers. This includes the constant and careful
attention to detail to produce a robust product of the best quality –
and at a price that builds value for our customers.

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